Nimona: Normalising Queerness in Animated Films

If the dazzling cast of queer legends like Chloë Grace Moretz, Eugene Lee Yang, RuPaul, and Indya Moore, among others, is not enough to get you to watch Netflix’s latest animated phenomenon Nimona, then perhaps the riot grrl soundrack (featuring punk, rock and rap classics with the likes of Dope Saint Jude, Metric, and Judas Priest), or the on-screen kiss shared by the film’s leading queer couple, can give you the final push. After a tumultuous production odyssey, ND Stevenson’s latest groundbreaking animated project has finally reached our screens. Following the success of his last TV series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which changed the course of the animated medium with its unapologetic portrayal of queer love as well as countless non-binary and trans characters, Stevenson strikes again. Nimona was adapted from his first webcomic, bearing the same name – a brilliant tale of queer monstrosity, friendship, and power in difference that marks a new age of children’s animated cinema.


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