“QUEER AS FOLK” SERIES : the trailer for the American reboot is very desirable

Scheduled for this summer, the 2022 version of the cult gay series promises to be more anchored in its time, by acutely representing the diversity of the LGBTQI + spectrum. We look forward!

This is the trailer we’ve been waiting for. On track since April 2021, the reboot of Queer as Folk is even more precise with a vibrant first trailer that makes you smile as much as it brings tears to your eye. Russell T Davies, creator of the British parent series and its first American remake broadcast at the dawn of the 2000s, hands over the controls to Stephen Dunn ( Closet Monster ) to pilot this new version which will start in France on July 31 in streaming on Starzplay.

As the video indicates, this Queer as Folk version 2022 will focus on a group of friends living in New Orleans, whose lives will be turned upside down after an attack at Babylon, their reference nightclub. A plot that obviously echoes the Pulse massacre in the city of Orlando in the United States. A heavy subject that the series seems to rub shoulders with kindness, heart and empathy.

If aficionados of the first American Queer as Folk were fascinated by the emotions of Brian and Justin, fans of this reboot will have a new couple to adore: Brodie, an ex-medical student back in New Orleans played by Devin Way, and Mingus, an aspiring drag queen played by Fin Argus. Around them will gravitate a slew of LGBTQI + actors and actresses: Jesse James Keitel, Candace Grace, Johnny Sibilly or even Ryan O’Connell, seen in Special.


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