GAY45 office, image from original analogue film Kodak Portra 400, ulterior feed to Midjourney generative A.I. through Discord channel and adjusted with Adobe instruments.

THE SHORT DEFINITION, an award-winning European queer journal employing AI, with 200,000+ readers, a podcast, two newsletters,  Queer Journalism Campus,  the Snuffel Award, and the Snuffel Queer AI Fusion Journalism Festival.


GAY45. Smart. Queer Smart.

GAY45™ is an award-winning indie queer journal that celebrates the power of queer creativity and freedom.

GAY45™ is a unique diversified creative queer journal and multi-platform. It reaches out to a global audience with its diverse and thought-provoking content, making it an essential source of queer insights and inspiration.

GAY45 is, probably, the first queer journal with a search engine using Artificial Intelligence, and A.I. JARVIS, the first academic art curator based on GTP-3.5, created by DerAffe Vienna, the parent company of GAY45, in 2021.

We don’t believe in the mainstream, we reject ignorant culture, we think independently, and we appreciate creativity. We believe in progressive politics. We are a transdisciplinary melting pot of tastes, styles, and behaviours.

GAY45 is a means of communication for a distinct micro-society. Queer, sexually fluid, and creative wherever they are in the World. Our readers are from Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, Paris, London, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Sofia, Athens, Bucharest, Kyiv, New York, Istanbul, etc.

The message can be everything we do, from our career, to how we dress, to what we read or watch. Neo-bohemians, alternatives, indie, reformists.


Queer is a word we use with respect and love. Queer is expanded to include any non-normative behaviour. Expanded to activism, punk movements, and political radical movements also to include any non-normative sexuality or gender. Queer is a way of expression. 


We create, take over, translate, accumulate, deconstruct, and put together dozens of things that are now disparate and regurgitate them in a different form. Music, fashion, art, literature, politics, design, architecture, and any subject connected with the queer culture.

We are teachers, bartenders, theorists, advertisers, architects, artists, photographers, chefs, musicians, engineers, and journalists. Elaborated, educated people, with various professions, titled or self-titled, teachers and self-taught. We are what we want to be. We learn from each other and everyone from what the group creates.

The online platform of our movement is created by those who feel they belong and are constantly reforming. We will generate events that are representative of us, from mini-festivals to parties in alternative places, from exhibitions in dressing booths to civic-minded publications.

We don’t see queerness as sexual orientation but rather as an attitude. Jose Muñoz once wrote ‘We may never touch queerness, but we can feel it as the warm illumination of a horizon imbued with potentiality.’

We believe that permanent reform is continuous progress.

While we’re all different, we’re better together.


All the profit resulted after we pay our award-winning writers, the administrative team, the software, hardware, domains and technical stuff are used for Queer Journalism Campus. We are dedicated to being more than a journal, but also a school for queer journalism.


In 1993 any queer magazine needs it to tag itself with Gay (De Gay Krant, Gai Pied, Gay Globe, Gay News, etc.) to make clear the target of the publication and the community to identify easily with the media outlets working for the LGBT+.
We loved and we love vinyl disc music for the authenticity of the sound. 45 is 45 rpm – the speed a vinyl is rotated.
So… GAY45.

Note: GAY45 was, probably, the first gay magazine printed and distributed in East Europe. It was published in 1993. Our platform tries to restore and improve the fabulous ideas of GAY45 almost 30 years later in a larger global context. The headquarters are in Vienna, Berlin, London, and Amsterdam.


CEO & Editorial Director Dr. RĂZVAN ION (AT)
Editor-in-Chief MIRUNA TIBERIU (UK)
Managing Editor JUDE JONES (UK)

News Editor & Berlin Supervisor TAYLOR ABBOT (UK)

Vienna Supervisor KEVIN PAWLAK (DE)


Podcast Audio Engineer EMIL DRAGOMIRESCU / (RO)

Chief Strategic Advisor Dr DOMINIK BÖHLER (AT)

Assistant to the CEO  Mag BJÖRN LINDBERG (SE)
Entertainment Director Dr EUGEN RĂDESCU (RO)
Editorial Assistant Mag PALOMA MACIAS (SP)

GAY45 is published by
DerAffe Ku.KV Wien

CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Mag. RĂZVAN IONESCU (RO/UK)
COO (Chief Operations Officer) & Art Director Dr BOGDAN MATEI (RO)
CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Mag. BRIGITTE WEBER-JANKO (AT)

Web Software Design ADRIAN CÎNCIU (RO)
Database Design Mag. KATHARINA STADLER (SP/AT)

Out Loud, London


Vienna, Austria

London, UK
Paris, France
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Berlin, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Madrid, Spain
Timișoara, Romania
Taipei, Taiwan
Luanda, Angola
San Francisco, USA

Published by
Deraffe KuKv, Vienna

Since 1993 they have been part of our history: Joshua Tree, Jan Kozlowski, Cătălin Nistor, Mihail Andrei, Virginia Hristu, Tarek Ali, Erika Wolf, Marian Mutașcu, Ciprian Cucu, Simon Levay, Virginia Heoffding, Florin Ionescu, Liviu Bulea, Ciprian Ciobanu, Toby Clarke.

*Joe Drennan was a superb journalist and an exceptional individual. He was tragically killed on 13th October 2023 in a hit-and-run car accident in Limerick, Ireland. Joe was 21 years old.


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