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The insufficiency of journalists in queer micro-society makes the publishers’ mission for a better quality press to be more and more complicated. We also believe a new type of journalism should be born without losing the consistency of the writings, but also to get into the GenZ Queer Community.

The international participants were in the first editions from Germany, Ireland, Spain, Taiwan, the Philippines, Ukraine, Romania, and Austria. The mentors are experienced journalists from LGBT+ publications with an extensive experience in the queer press from Germany, Austria, the USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, and France.

Previous GAY45 journalism campus participants have gone on to find work at a wide range of publishing houses, magazines, and newspapers. Others have gone on to enjoy successful freelance careers as editors and writers, or to pursue graduate work.

What we do

We try to form journalists who write quality stories, touch on important cultural and social subjects, and use multiple forms of dissemination: classical, but also digital platforms, social media, metaverse or use new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, for research.

We try to inspire them to create their platforms (blogs, video blogs, metaverse spaces) or to work as journalists in media outlets with the meaning of defending human rights and keeping the LGBT+ community informed at the highest standards.

And, why not, write well about people and things we like and admire?


GAY45 QJC is organised every year in a different city.

Next edition

The next edition will take place in April 2024, in Vienna, and the articles will be published on and other platforms.

Please pitch your city for the next editions if you think will benefit from having young creative journalists.

Participation and expenses

The number of participants is limited to 7 and hoping to raise more funds to extend the number in the future.
The expenses of the participants will be covered in full by the organizers: flight, accommodation, participation, and sustenance.


We always announce an open call. This year the deadline is the 1st of February 2024, 00.00 CEST. Send a text and a letter of intention at servus[at] We will let you know if you are selected by the 5th of February 2024. Due to the high volume of applications, we can inform only the people selected.
The only condition is to be a decent writer, have general knowledge of the culture, politics, and history of LGBT+ and to have 18-28 y.o.
We do not select based on race, gender, class, political view, sexual orientation, or any other criteria except your texts.

Follow our Instagram page to keep informed.

You can help

You can help more young writers to attend Queer Journalism Campus by donating to our Donate page or participating in our crowdfunding campaigns on Chuffed or GoFundMe.

Spring 2024 Partners Vienna Edition


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