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September 21, 2023. GAY45, the indie queer journal, has announced the first edition of the SNUFFEL AI FUSION FESTIVAL, a one-of-a-kind event scheduled to take place on April 4-11, 2024, in Vienna, Austria, under the motto “Smart. Queer Smart.”

The festival is intended to be an event with a particular structure, singular in Europe. Starting with the home city Vienna, the festival has plans to be toured in various cities across Europe. The theme for the 2024 edition has been unveiled as Edit Your Future: Queerverse AI, offering a fresh perspective on new technologies and their impact on societal relationships with a focus on queer LGBT+ culture and human rights. Anticipate three days featuring some of the world’s most captivating queer writers and journalists, curating a programme that includes exceptional events.

Curated by AI JARVIS, the first AI curator in history, a contemporary art show titled Snufflel: Brushstrokes of Resilience will project the story of Snuffel in different mediums from paintings to XR and holograms.

Under The 1:1 Live title, public interviews will be conducted in a theatre set-up having as interviewers award-winning editors from GAY45 and as guests award-winning writers, inimitable chefs, and fabulous singers.

The festival will be honoured to host the Queer Journalism Campus supported by Vienna Business Agency, the first and only media training seminar for young queer journalists – designed for specialised topics, making it open to various journalistic interests and needs.

The final night will be an epic party involving the public in an exceptional performance involving disposable analog cameras which will generate a zine publication. How? It will be quite a surprise.

The highlight of the festival will undoubtedly be the SNUFFEL AWARD, presented to individuals displaying exceptional achievements and career potential within the realm of young queer professionals, recognising their remarkable and innovative contributions to society.

Ⓒ Snuffel Festival

The festival’s name is derived from the mascot and ensign of GAY45.

We are thrilled to invite you to the unique city of Vienna!

More details are promised on the future launched website of the festival or at

Image: Snuffel, the mascot and ensign of Art by Ciprian Ciobanu.
An article about Snuffel you can find if you click here.

We will be back with more details and the complete website for the event.

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News 23 October 2023:
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