Cute Snuffel, GAY45 ensign and mascot

In a world where representation and inclusivity are more important than ever, GAY45 journal has found its perfect mascot in Snuffel, a charming and lovable character that embodies the vibrant spirit of the queer micro-society. The creator and our Senior Editor tell the story of Snuffel.

Snuffel represents the diverse and colourful community that our publication celebrates. With a cheerful demeanour and a snout full of curiosity, Snuffel encourages readers to explore the vast spectrum of queer experiences and stories.

Snuffle’s bright and expressive eyes resemble an alien representation, the ears are like a mouse and the brain of a progressive human. He reflects the resilience and authenticity of queer individuals, while their playful personality invites readers to embrace their true selves. As the embodiment of our magazine’s mission, Snuffel aims to create a safe and welcoming space where everyone can find representation and inspiration.

They serve as a reminder that queerness knows no boundaries and that our stories, dreams, and triumphs are worth celebrating. Snuffel represents a gender-inclusive and diverse identity, symbolizing the LGBT+ community. They embody the spirit of inclusivity, celebrating various gender identities and orientations. Snuffel is known for their infectious joy, kindness, and acceptance. They embody the message of inclusivity and empower others to embrace their authentic selves. They love to dance, sing, and engage in various artistic expressions. They encourage everyone to be proud of who they are and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

As our spirited mascot, Snuffle serves as a source of joy, empowerment, and solidarity for readers, inviting them to join in our mission of embracing and celebrating all aspects of queerness.

So, join us on this vibrant journey with Snuffle by your side, as we explore the beauty, strength, and resilience of queer individuals and communities. Together, we’ll make our voices heard, our stories told, and our love celebrated.

By Ciprian Ciobanu

Ciprian Ciobanu is the Senior Editor and Gen Z specialist for GAY45. He holds an MA from the University of Timisoara, in painting and mixed media. Ciobanu is researching the mechanism of the relationship between art and the trends of a given time from music, fashion and popular stories. He is a nominee for Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Media 2024.

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Image credits: Snuffel © Art by Ciprian Ciobanu. All rights reserved.


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