Why Nike Air Force 1 has an erotic appeal

Nike Air Force 1’s have always been considered a kind of erotic-porn sneakers worn by teenagers and especially by a certain kind of self-aware boys who are eye candy. Especially the white colourway. Nike Air Force 1 is also the best selling sneakers in history. Made by Nike in 1982.

Seems like some while ago Nike find out about that and launched the Air Force 1 BeTrue, which is part of Nike’s footwear and apparel collection celebrating the LGBT+ community.

A staple in sneaker culture, the Air Force 1 was a long-awaited addition to the Nike’s Pride capsule, an initiative that began in 2012. In its BeTrue edition, the AF1 is colorful yet subtle, featuring a 10-color, embroidered heel mark with the more inclusive LGBTQIA+ flag, including the expanded black and brown stripes that represent contributions from people of color to LGBTQ equality. Additionally, you’ll find a holographic Nike swoosh, Air logos that incorporate LGBTQIA+ accents throughout, a super soft tumbled leather, and decorative perforations that aren’t typically found on the original Air Force 1 low.

But, still why is so atractive for young boys and why is kind of mark for: sexy boy looking adventure? Some people who choose to wear these shoes they say is for being suspicious unreliable. Cute boys are suspicious unreliable. Wearers of the shoes are often considered to be shady, untrustworthy, and suspicious. Translated to gay cute boy… Ya… Sound about right.

Most importantly, we can’t forget that there’s definitely a marketing gain for Nike with its BeTrue gear.

Dominik Böhler is the Chief Strategy Adviser of GAY45. A 27 y.o., PhD candidate, passionate about the transcendence of science in the philosophical stance that emphasizes the individual and social potential and agency of human beings. Works in Vienna and commutes to England at the University of Oxford where to continue the DPhil (doctoral) programme in Information, Communication, and the Social Sciences. Böhler does not like to have a social media presence.


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