We learn some people do not know Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is gay

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

We were surprised to find out that a lot of our friends in our LGBT+ micro-society do not know the business personalities who helped us and supported the movement.

Tim Cook is one of them. CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs died, Cook was always known as a gay person. He never talked about and he felt like it is not need it too. In 2014 he published in Bloomberg Businessweek a moving letter. We reproduce it here in full.

We are proud to use products from a company led by gays (not only he is gay in the leadership of Apple) and we want to underline again the red edition of the iPhone is dedicated to helping the fight against HIV.

In Cupertino, the headquarters of Apple, a rainbow stage design by Jony Ive is in the middle of the campus.


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