Watch the trailer for Single All the Way, the gay Christmas movie from Netflix

Single All the Way is the name of a Christmas movie coming soon to Netflix. Peter and Nick are best friends but pretend to be a couple to get rid of the family whining. But then Peter’s mother arranges a blind date with James. How does that turn out? Watch the trailer here with a funny Jennifer Coolidge.

Single All the Way is Netflix’s first Christmas movie in which the main characters are gay. Peter (a role of Michael “Ugly Betty” Urie) and Nick (Cameron Chambers) go to Peter’s parents’ house for Christmas. They initially pretend to be a couple so that Peter’s overzealous mother (Kathy Najimy) will leave them alone. But when she finds out the two are just friends, she arranges a blind date for her son with her personal trainer James (Luke McFarlane).

The film is directed by Michael Mayer, who previously told us that it is so nice to tell a story for once that is not about coming out, but about the period after. Producer Joel S. Rice added, “What I like most about this hysterical, touching project is that it’s just a real romantic vacation comedy that centres on the friendship and love between gay men.”

Single All the Way premieres on Netflix on December 2.


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