VIDEO. On TikTok, a young comedian has fun detecting gay or lesbian Pokémon

Throughout several short videos shared on the TikTok platform, young Connor Diddle analyzes different Pokémon and explains which archetypes of the LGBTQI+ community they fit. And we couldn’t agree more with him!

Credit photo : Connor Diddle via TikTok

Have you ever tried to guess the sexuality of Pokémon? As strange as this question may seem, the answer is yes for Connor Diddle. This young TikTok user has posted a series of short videos where he deciphers the LGBTQI+ identity of the famous creatures of our childhood. Thus, according to him, the rocky Mackogneur is “a pussycat who turned into a gay muscular and became addicted to steroids” and Canarticho “an older gay who loves gin cocktails and hates twinks”.


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The LGBTQI+ Pokémon you never knew existed
His multiple analyses are brilliant and allow us to see Pokémon in a new light. The young TikTokeur didn’t limit himself to detecting gay Pokémon, as he also pointed out which little creatures corresponded to lesbian female archetypes. According to his prism, Feunard is the Megan Rapinoe of Pokémon: “She’s super cool, extremely athletic, and has that lesbian haircut we’re all obsessed with.” As for Feuforêve, she is perceived as “this tiny little lesbian who dyes her hair a different colour every week.”

Not stopping there, Connor Diddle has also made it his mission to flush out Pokémon that appear homophobic to him. Like Nidorina, whom he describes as “a mean Christian mom who would categorically refuse to wear a mask in the supermarket”, or Snubbull, who is suspected of “harassing all his fellow queers in high school only because he was so far in the closet that it was like he was in Narnia”. Good point!

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