Very vintage: an extra long version of Madonna’s Truth or Dare film

A fan has extended Madonna’s 1991 behind-the-scenes tour film, Truth or Dare, by more than 40 minutes with all kinds of extra clips he gathered online. Now the film, titled In Bed with Madonna in our country, suddenly takes two hours and 39 minutes.

Madonna performs on stage at the Feyenoord stadium on July 24, 1990. Michel Linssen/Redferns

Madonna toured the world with her Blond Ambition Tour in the early 1990s. Never before has there been so much going on on stage: the sets were more spectacular than any other artist and Madonna was at her most controversial: in Canada, she was under threat of arrest for a masturbation scene while singing ‘Like a Virgin’.

Backstage, Madonna and her entourage were continuously followed by Alek Keshishian’s cameras. He made the film Truth or Dare (In Bed with Madonna in the Netherlands) from hundreds of hours of footage, showing the ups and downs of Madonna, her dancers, and everyone who came close to her.

Unknown images

Dan K’s Madonna fan channel on YouTube regularly releases videos with unknown images from Madonna’s videos, for example. This time the channel comes with an extra long version of Truth or Dare, which was put together in 2011 by a certain Alvin. He has added all kinds of deleted scenes, fragments from TV interviews, news programs, and concert footage to the original film. Now Truth or Dare is suddenly forty minutes longer.

They are beautiful, but often frayed extra images that nevertheless do add something to the original.


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