This artist creates sensual images of men in “pulled-on” underwear

Let’s take things from the beginning. In almost all USA teen movies, kids usually go behind the boys and pull their underwear far up their backs sometimes. This act in American slang is called a wedgie.

This very act is the inspiration for Benjamin Fredrickson, an artist from the USA. He recently released a zine with photos of men in “pulled” underwear.

“This project started as I was preparing another collection last December,” he told OUT. “I’ve always found the male body quite attractive and in particular the male buttocks.”

“Relatively recently I was photographing a model and at some point, the fabric got caught in his buttocks. The whole scene put me in an erotic mood. I decided to start a series of such photographs.”

For Fredrickson, as for many people, wedgies are a kind of fetish. “Some fetishes are quite difficult because of money, like buying latex clothing etc. Wedgies are accessible to almost everyone,” he says.

“I found that the global wedgie community is quite large and diverse and has a large presence on social media platforms. There are personal pages available. But several are closed down due to censorship. I have chatted with people who have been blocked, even though wedgie is not pornographic.”

This project became the impetus for Fredrickson to release his first zine. “I ended up with 50 shots in a collector’s edition.”

All photos by Benjamin Fredrickson.

More information here.

This article was published in Antivirus Magazine

This article was translated from Greek by DeepL (AI translator)



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