These Countries Had Most Tops and Bottoms in 2021 According to Grindr

Photo courtesy Christopher Balgoa/EyeEM/Getty

Grindr has released statistics from the sexual exploits of the millions of gay, bi, trans, and queer folks who use the app each month to reveal which countries have the most tops, bottoms, and versas. As editor Mikelle Street noted, these are self-identifications so, “likely pulled from the on-app functionality of being able to choose your position — which does mean that people who select something other than their role — are skewing things. How they categorized vers bottom and vers top we don’t know but we’ll assume they rounded up to bottom or top.” The Grindr statement also includes the countries with the highest numbers of vers.

“Even with some in-person activities resuming, the virtual connection has remained a lifeline for people this year,” Alex Black, director of marketing for Grindr, said in a press release. “Grindr Unwrapped is a playful way to help our users get to know each other better, it serves as an ice-breaker for conversations on the app, and provides some interesting insights into trends from the past year.”

To find the leading countries for tops, bottoms, and verses click HERE

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