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This week, Nigerian students in danger in the UK, and then:

UK. Politics. Nigerian Students Expelled from University Over Unpaid Fees

Nigerian students, among the queer people that can be prosecuted in Nigeria if they return there, at Teesside University, UK, have been expelled and ordered to leave the country after falling behind on fees due to a currency crash. The university withdrew students who missed payments, citing visa sponsorship rules. Students, affected by Nigeria’s naira devaluation, protested on Tuesday, accusing the university of being “heartless.” Teesside University stated it had no choice but to comply with visa regulations, despite offering payment plans. Affected students, some approached by debt collectors, sought help from the university to no avail. The Home Office confirmed the responsibility for visa sponsorship decisions lies with the institutions. Nigeria faces severe economic challenges, with inflation nearing 30% under President Bola Tinubu’s reforms.

Brazil. Social. A Surge in LGBT+ Killings Ahead of Pride Parade

Brazil grapples with alarming violence against its LGBTI+ community, with one person killed every 38 hours, data from the Observatory of LGBTI+ Deaths and Violence reveals. In 2023, 230 LGBT+ individuals were murdered, down from 273 in 2022, but the Observatory suspects underreporting. Transgender women are particularly targeted, with 142 killed in 2023. The majority of victims were aged 20 to 39. São Paulo recorded the highest number of murders (27), followed by Ceará and Rio de Janeiro (24 each). Partial data for early 2024 indicates rising violence, with 61 killings in January and February alone. As São Paulo prepares for its renowned LGBT+ Pride Parade, themed “Enough Negligence and Legislative Regression!”, the community continues to demand rights and protection.

Germany. Politics. CSD Munich Excludes CSU from Parade Amid Controversy

Christopher Street Day (CSD) organisers in Munich are facing backlash after excluding the CSU parliamentary group from the upcoming parade on June 22, themed “United in Diversity – Together Against the Right.” The CSU, along with the Bavarian Lesbian and Gay Association (LSU Bayern), planned to participate with a float, but CSD rejected their application, citing CSU Prime Minister Markus Söder’s gender ban. CSD spokesperson Tobias Weismantel criticized CSU city councillor Alexander Reissl for supporting a motion against gender-inclusive language. LSU state chairman Jakob Schneider called the exclusion “flimsy,” noting the CSU’s involvement in other CSD events. The decision has divided Munich’s queer community. Some, like DJ Theresa BiMän Bittermann, support inclusive participation, while others, like Dario Ponto from Diversity, believe that CSU cannot credibly advocate for equal rights. SPD and Greens spokesperson Anne Hübner urged finding common ground, despite political differences. The CSU argues it has made efforts to support the LGBTIQ community. However, the decision underscores ongoing tensions over political and social inclusivity within the CSD movement.

France. Film. Queer Palm 2024 Awarded to Romanian Film at Cannes

The Queer Palm 2024 has been awarded to Three Kilometers to the End of the World, directed by Romanian filmmaker Emanuel Parvu. The film, in official competition at the Cannes 2024 Festival, follows a young Romanian man whose homosexuality is inadvertently revealed, leading to his ostracization in a small village. Since 2010, the Queer Palm has recognized films at Cannes that address LGBT+ or feminist themes. This year’s jury, chaired by Belgian director Lukas Dhont, included artist and drag queen Paloma, British-Palestinian journalist Jad Salfiti, Brazilian director Juliana Rojas, and French director Sophie Letourneur. Twenty-three films competed for the Queer Palm, with notable entries including Andrea Arnold’s Bird and Jacques Audiard’s Emilia Perez. Anora directed by Sean Baker was the big winner of Palme d’Or. Follow us for an exclusive interview with the main actor of the Three Kilometers to the End of the World, Ciprian Chiujdea, to be published soon.

Indonesia. Politics. Parliament Proposes Broadcast Law Banning Investigative Journalism and LGBT+ Content

Indonesia’s parliament is considering changes to its broadcast law that would prohibit investigative journalism and LGBT+ content, sparking criticism from journalists and filmmakers over press freedom restrictions. The 2002 broadcast law revisions, introduced in 2020 and finalized by lawmakers in October, have raised concerns about media independence. Critics argue the bill undermines democracy by limiting public access to crucial information and restricting transparency. The amended Broadcasting Bill also targets LGBT+ content and “negative lifestyles,” with penalties ranging from warnings to license cancellations. The Indonesian Press Commission’s role in drafting new regulations has also drawn concern. Nani Afrida, Chairperson of AJI, emphasized the bill’s potential to silence critical voices and reduce public oversight

Worldwide. Travel. Lonely Planet published Top Global Destinations 2024 Embracing the LGBT+ Community

Lone Planet Guide published the cities worldwide that celebrate the LGBTIQ+ community with enthusiasm and inclusivity. Here are the top destinations: London, UK: Hosting one of the largest Pride events on June 29, Soho remains the epicentre of queer life. Provincetown, USA: Known for its inclusive community, P-town celebrates Pride from May 31 to June 2. Auckland, New Zealand: Renowned for its February Pride, Auckland’s K Road is the heart of its LGBT+ nightlife. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Celebrating Pride from May 20-26, Emiliano Zapata is the city’s vibrant queer hub. Barcelona, Spain: With Pride from July 18-21, L’Eixample is a major LGBT+ district. New York City, USA: Hosting Pride on June 30, the West Village is historically significant. Berlin, Germany: Celebrates Pride with Christopher Street Day on July 27, Schöneberg is the LGBT+ heart. Sydney, Australia: The Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras runs from February 14 to March 2, with Darlinghurst at its core. Toronto, Canada: Pride from June 28-30, Queen St is the main LGBT+ stretch. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Pride from July 27 to August 4, with Reguliersdwarsstraat as a central neighbourhood.

France. Games. Ubisoft Hints at LGBT+ Romance Options in ‘Assassin’s Creed Shadows’

Ubisoft has hinted that its upcoming game, “Assassin’s Creed Shadows,” will feature LGBT romance options. In a May 15 press release, Ubisoft revealed that protagonists Yasuke and Naoe will “attract and be attracted to different types of people.” This suggests the inclusion of diverse romantic relationships, possibly including gay, non-binary, or transgender options. The game, set for release on November 15 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, explores the dynamics between the samurai Yasuke and ninja Naoe. Ubisoft’s previous titles, “Odyssey” and “Valhalla,” also featured same-sex romance options, indicating a continued commitment to inclusivity.

Germany. Art. Exhibit Highlights Intimate and Untold Sides of Andy Warhol

A new exhibition at Berlin’s Fotografiska titled “After the Party” unveils Andy Warhol’s lesser-known intimate life and art. Featuring around 150 works from private collections, the show highlights the queer aspects of Warhol’s life, including his relationships and private photographs. Among the pieces are male nudes and portraits of trans women and drag queens from the 1970s Warhol’s homosexuality, previously shrouded in mystery, is now explored in depth, countering the long-held notion that he avoided activism. Despite not openly addressing gay rights or the AIDS crisis, Warhol’s work, such as the 1963 film “Kiss,” holds significant emancipatory potential. The exhibition runs until September 15, 2024.

France. Film. First Trans Woman to Win Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival

At the Cannes Film Festival, Karla Sofía Gascón made history as the first trans woman to win the Best Actress award. She shares the honor with Zoe Saldana, Selena Gomez, and Adriana Paz for their roles in “Emilia Pérez.” Gascón, 52, dedicated the award to “all people who fight for themselves and their rights.” The queer musical comedy “Emilia Pérez,” directed by Jacques Audiard, also received the Jury Prize. The film centers on a major figure in Mexican drug trafficking seeking to leave the past behind and begin a new life as a woman.


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