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This week, Queer Palm, and then:

France. Sports. Gay Swimmer and Bi Surfer Qualify for Paris Olympics

Nick Albiero of Brazil and Tyler Wright of Australia have secured their spots in the Paris Olympics, adding LGBTQ representation to Team LGBTQ. Albiero, a gay swimmer, clinched gold in the 200-meter butterfly at the Brazil swimming championships, while bisexual surfer Wright triumphed in qualifying events. Albiero’s journey reflects personal growth, having come out in 2022, while Wright, who came out in 2020, embraces her identity proudly, symbolized by donning the Progress Pride flag. Both athletes emphasize the importance of authenticity and inclusivity in sports. As the Olympics draw nearer, more LGBTQ athletes are expected to join the ranks, surpassing the previous Tokyo Games’ tally of 186.

Soth Korea. Politics. Seoul Queer Culture Festival Shifts to Streets Amid Venue Denials

Organizers of South Korea’s annual LGBTQ gathering announced that the Seoul Queer Culture Festival will be held on the capital’s streets this year, following denials from the city government for event locations. Despite previous years’ festivities at Seoul Plaza, the panel overseeing events rejected the request for the second consecutive year. Festival chief Yang Sun-woo criticized the decision, suggesting bias in the city’s event selection. The city government denied discrimination accusations, citing an “outdoor library” as an alternative use for the space. Amid resistance from conservative groups, the LGBTQ community in South Korea continues its struggle for equal recognition and acceptance, contrasting recent progress in neighbouring democracies.

Ghana. Politics. Pressure Mounts on World Bank and IMF to Oppose  Anti-LGBT+ Law

Charities and advocacy groups urge the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to use their financial influence to dissuade Ghana from enacting a law threatening LGBTQ+ rights. The proposed legislation could lead to three-year jail terms for those identifying as LGBTQ+. With Ghana potentially losing $3.8bn in World Bank funding, advocates stress the moral imperative for the bank to intervene. Ghana’s Finance Ministry warns of dire consequences if the law passes, including jeopardizing IMF bailout efforts and stability. International condemnation echoes past action, as the World Bank previously halted funding to Uganda over anti-LGBT+ laws. The Supreme Court adjourns the hearing of the law to May 17th.

USA. Politics. Raucous Moments Mark GLAAD Media Awards in Manhattan

The East Coast segment of the 2024 GLAAD Media Awards witnessed two significant moments of disruption on the awards night. Jennifer Lawrence injected sharp humour while presenting an achievement award to gay country singer Orville Peck, poking fun at former Vice President Mike Pence’s alleged support for gay conversion therapy. Meanwhile, drag artist and trans activist Chiquitita interrupted proceedings to highlight GLAAD’s ties to the Anti-Defamation League and its alleged silence on Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. Despite the contrasting reactions, GLAAD emphasized its commitment to free speech and dialogue. Chiquitita, who recently appeared in the Netflix series Glamorous, was also the emcee at the protest outside GLAAD’s big night in New York, which included speeches from queer Palestinian artists and activists, healthcare workers and organizers working to aid Gaza refugees in Egypt. The incidents underscored tensions surrounding LGBT+ advocacy and global humanitarian issues. Voices are accusing LGBT+ organisations of caring more about sponsors’ opinions than about their community members. Starting last year queer activists and leaders are calling out major LGBT+ orgs for their silence on Gaza.

Liechtenstein. Politics. The last German Speaking country to Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

Liechtenstein has become the last German-speaking country to legalise same-sex marriage following a near-unanimous parliamentary vote. The bill, initially passed on March 8, received its final approval on May 16 with a 24-1 vote, according to local media. The new marriage law will come into effect on January 1, 2025. This legislative change aligns Liechtenstein with neighbouring Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, which legalised same-sex marriage in 2017, 2019, and 2022, respectively. Daniel Seger of the Progressive Citizens’ Party described the amendment as a “big relief.” Liechtenstein, with a population of over 39,000, has allowed registered partnerships for same-sex couples since 2011 and held its first Pride event in 2022.

Germany. History. Berlin’s Tuntenhaus Saved by Public Sector Acquisition

The renowned “Tuntenhaus” in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg is preserved as the district of Pankow exercises its right of first refusal to acquire the building in Kastanienallee. Initially sold to a private buyer, the expiration of the deadline paved the way for municipal intervention. The Edith Maryon Foundation is set to purchase the building for a cooperative, securing the residence’s future. Established in 1990, the project holds historical significance, housing various left-wing alternative initiatives. The decision aligns with a 2021 Federal Administrative Court ruling, emphasizing structural importance. Berlin’s commitment reflects both the preservation of LGBT+ spaces and environmental considerations. Purchase price details remain undisclosed. Tuntenhaus in Berlin is a historical queer building from 1981 originally in Bülowstraße. Squated later the house is considered one of the last facilities that have not previously been affected by the gentrification of the Kastanienallee and the few remaining in Europe.

USA. Politics. Intelligence Agencies Warns Targeted Terrorist Attacks on Pride Events around the World.

USA Federal intelligence agencies have issued a warning that this year’s Pride Month events may be targeted by terrorist organizations. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a public service announcement highlighting the heightened threat environment during June 2024. “Foreign terrorist organizations and their supporters may seek to exploit increased gatherings associated with the upcoming Pride Month,” the statement read. The warning cited previous attacks and threats, including a foiled 2023 plot in Vienna and the Pulse Nightclub shooting anniversary. The FBI and DHS advised the public to remain vigilant for unusual activity and potential threats at Pride events, which start on June 1.

EU. Politics. Malta Tops ILGA Europe’s 2023 Rainbow Map for LGBT+ Rights

Malta leads the 2023 ILGA Europe Rainbow Map, scoring 88 out of 100 points for LGBT+ rights. Iceland follows with 83 points. Other high-ranking countries include Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Denmark, Finland, and Greece. The annual report ranks 49 European nations on criteria such as equality, hate crime protection, and societal integration. Northern and Western European countries generally perform better than others. Russia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey rank lowest, with Poland as the lowest EU state at 17 points. Italy has also seen a decline under its current right-wing government. Despite some progress, notably Germany’s new gender self-determination law, many countries show stagnation in advancing LGBT+ rights amid rising hate and violence.

France. Film. Queer Palm Award at Cannes Film Festival to be Announced

The eagerly anticipated Queer Palm nominees have been announced, showcasing a diverse array of LGBTQ+ cinema. The selection includes prominent figures from French-speaking gay cinema such as Christophe Honoré with “Marcello Mio,” Alain Guiraudie with “Miséricorde,” and Gaël Morel with “Live, die, reborn,” all competing in various sections of the Cannes Film Festival. Highlights among the nominees include “The Beauty of Gaza” by Yolande Zauberman, depicting a woman’s journey from Gaza to Tel Aviv for her transition, and “Eat The Night” by Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel, a tale of teenage love revolving around a custom video game, “Darknoon.” Additionally, Noémie Merlant’s “Les Femmes au balcon,” co-written with Céline Sciamma, has garnered significant attention. This year’s Queer Palm jury is led by Lukas Dhont, who is joined by Brazilian director Juliana Rojas, French director and actress Sophie Letourneur, British-Palestinian journalist Jad Salfiti, and Hugo Bardin (drag queen Paloma), a French actor, director, and the first winner of Drag Race France. The Queer Palm, awarded since 2010, celebrates LGBT+ films and directors, underscoring the importance of diverse narratives in cinema.

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Radical queer politics now lives inside of the progressive movement […] But there remains this one rarefied arena of ‘gay life,’ which is these highly funded, bureaucratic, corporate-modelled LGBT+ organizations […]

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