THE PARTY IS OVER at Spritmuseum | Stockholm

Photographer and artist Elisabeth Ohlson have been given free rein to explore and select works from the Absolut Art Collection for this autumn’s art exhibition The Party is Over,  which opened on 10 October 2020.

Foto: Jonas Lindström

Three strong voices from the LGBTQI + community have contributed to the whole; Elisabeth Ohlson as curator, Anna-Maria Sörberg as a writer, and Chrisander Brun as a set designer. Together they take us back to the 80s and 90s in New York, an era that began in a spirit of newfound openness until the AIDS epidemic began to extinguish young people’s lives in the thousands with a rarely seen backlash as a result. Elisabeth remembers how she here in Sweden followed too many close friends from hospital bed to deathbed. Here and there, her fighting spirit and her decision to become an artist were born. Anna-Maria’s historical review and Chrisander’s slightly chaotic party room decor take us back. But we also meet the strength of the LGBTQI + movement’s counter-reaction.


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