The Icelandic Phallological Museum and the Penis Cafe

If Amsterdam has a sex museum, Reykjavík has a penis museum. Our staff writer Taylor Abbot takes us on a tour of the unusual establishment.

Reykjavík, the vibrant capital of Iceland, is no stranger to pushing boundaries and embracing unconventional ideas. Iceland itself breaks the barrier regarding the LGBT+ community and the evolution of human rights as well as the well-being of its citizens.

In the heart of this progressive city lies a museum that challenges societal norms with its bold and thought-provoking exhibits—the Icelandic Phallological Museum. We take you on a journey through this captivating establishment, exploring its remarkable collection and immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the newly introduced Phallic Cafe.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum, curated by the visionary Sigurður Hjartarson, transcends the conventional museum experience. It is a sanctuary that celebrates the diverse forms and meanings of the phallus across cultures, species, and identities. As we venture into its hallowed halls, we are met with an astonishing assortment of over two hundred preserved phallic specimens, each a testament to the remarkable diversity of nature’s creations.

From the awe-inspiring blue whale to the intricately detailed human specimens, the museum’s collection serves as a testament to the vast array of phalluses found in the animal kingdom and beyond. But this is not just a display of anatomical curiosities; it is a celebration of the intersectionality of human sexuality and identity.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum invites visitors to engage in open dialogue and introspection, encouraging conversations that challenge preconceived notions and dismantle the taboos surrounding sexuality. Its displays are accompanied by thoughtfully curated narratives that shed light on the historical, cultural, and artistic significance of phallic symbolism throughout the ages.

Now, nestled within this extraordinary museum, the Phallic Cafe offers a warm and weird space for visitors to continue their journey of exploration. Designed to be a relaxed space, the cafe serves as a meeting place for conversations and connections. Its welcoming atmosphere and meticulously designed interiors pay homage to the fascinating subject matter, creating an ambiance that celebrates the freedom of self-expression and the beauty of diversity.

As we indulge in the Phallic Cafe’s delectable offerings, we are invited to savour more than just the flavours on our palates. They serve waffles in all types and tastes, each culinary creation is a work of art, carefully crafted to tantalize both the senses and the mind. Sumptuous pastries are a homage to the phallus, presented with creativity and an eye for aesthetics.

Beyond its culinary delights, the Phallic Cafe hosts a variety of events that foster a sense of community and facilitate conversations surrounding queer culture, sexual identity, and societal norms. From poetry readings to live performances and panel discussions, these events invite individuals to share their stories, broaden their horizons, and find solace in the company of like-minded individuals. In the meanwhile, keep your eyes on the bartender and how he touches the handle penises for the tap beer.

Phallic Cafe offers an opportunity to confront our preconceived notions, embark on a journey of self-discovery, and engage in meaningful conversations about a subject often considered taboo.

So, if you have a curiosity for the unconventional, the Icelandic Phallological Museum and the Phallic Cafe offer an immersive experience. Step into a world that challenges societal norms, where art and knowledge intertwine to create a safe space for understanding, and empowerment.


An article by Taylor Abbot.


Taylor Abbot is a 22 y.o. staff writer for GAY45, living between Reykjavík and London. He is a junior professor of critical thinking after graduated the University of Columbia in two years and an MA in one. He wrote previously for several magazines. Nerdy curious, passionate about the weird parts of life and the good stories written by great journalists. Taylor decided to delete all his social media accounts two years ago.




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