The Dark Underbelly of Glamour: In the Psychopathic Shadow of John Galliano

By Răzvan Ion

Under a bridge in Paris, a chilling atmosphere sets the stage for a tale that intertwines the haunting allure of singer Lucky Love and the shadowy history of fashion icon John Galliano. In this article, Răzvan Ion delves into the depths of an artist’s influence, exploring the eerie connection between the atmospheric setting, problematic character, enigmatic performers who have graced its stage and how a psychopathic personality can be brilliant.

“A focused awareness of our unnoticed surroundings unfolds: the night-time revellers one passes on a moonlit wander along the Seine, what lies beneath the imprints of their clothes and what happens behind the dimly-lit windows of their homes,” the Maison Margiela’s Artisanal 2024 show notes read.

John Galliano took inspiration from Hungarian-French artist Brassaï and his voyeuristic photographs of Paris at night, reflected in the show’s setting — under Pont Alexandre III lit by a full moon. The deliberate choice of a night with a full moon creates a sense of bewilderment.


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