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This week, the youngest and gay French Premier, and then:

UK. Film. Finally, the second season of Big Boys.

Big Boys Season 2 was released on Channel 4 on January 14, ending a two-year wait. The acclaimed teen drama stars Dylan Llewellyn and Jon Pointing from Derry Girls as Jack and Danny, two unlikely friends navigating sex, heartbreak, and loss during their university years in the 2010s. Season 2 continues after their first year at Brent Uni, with newly-out Jack coping with his father’s death while Danny improves his handling of mental health issues. We thoroughly enjoyed the series, considering it one of the finest coming-of-age shows we’ve seen, particularly appreciating its British essence.

Germany. Sport. Common coming out of footballers.

This would certainly be one of the news stories of the year: several professional footballers get together and have a common coming-out. That’s exactly what gay ex-youth national player Marcus Urban wants  to organise in Germany. “I’ve been working on this for many years. We approach the matter with the necessary patience, relaxedness, and fun.  One thing is clear: it will  happen, said the 52-year-old .  I have my doubts that we will experience this so quickly, but I am happy to be proven wrong at any time. One thing is certain: men can learn a lot from women, and there are now many openly lesbian professionals.

Greece. Politics. PM promises same-sex marriage.

Greek PM Mitsotakis defies Orthodox Church, pushing for same-sex marriage despite party dissent. The proposal gains left-wing backing, increasing chances of parliamentary approval. Facing resistance from within his party and the influential Orthodox Church, Mitsotakis reaffirms commitment to equality, stating, “It is the state that legislates, it doesn’t co-legislate with the church.” The Metropolitan of Piraeus criticizes the move, branding homosexuality as a “great sin.” Right-wing media warns of potential government instability. Mitsotakis remains confident, urging support for the bill. Leftist opposition pledges backing, with Gay MP Kasselakis supporting despite concerns. The law, if passed, would protect rights of existing children in same-sex families.

USA. Film. Golden Globes becomes more queer.

The 2024 Golden Globe Awards showcased remarkable LGBT+ moments, shaping the cultural narrative. Lily Gladstone, star of “Killers of the Flower Moon,” made history as the first Indigenous woman to win Best Female Actor in a Drama. Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Poor Things” celebrated victories, highlighting bisexual character Bella Baxter portrayed by Emma Stone. Billie Eilish earned Best Original Song for “What Was I Made For.” Ayo Edebiri’s triumph for Best Female Actor in a Musical/Comedy Series added to LGBT+ successes. However, the win for Ricky Gervais sparked outrage due to his controversial Netflix special. Trans stars Hunter Schafer and Hari Nef dazzled on the red carpet, while Gillian Anderson’s ‘vagina gown’ stole the spotlight, championing. Television mega-producer Ryan Murphy accepted the Carol Burnett Award and dedicated much of his acceptance speech to LGBTQ actors in the audience with whom he’s worked over the years.

France. Politics. The new prime minister is the youngest in history and is gay.

In a surprising move, French President Emmanuel Macron appointed 34-year-old Gabriel Attal, former French education minister, as the nation’s youngest-ever prime minister, succeeding Laurent Fabius. Attal, who initially entered politics as a health ministry staffer at 23, left the Socialist Party in 2016 to support Macron’s presidential bid. Known for his communication skills, Attal served as La République En Marche spokesperson and government spokesperson during crucial periods, impressing with media performances. The openly gay prime minister gained popularity, surpassing Edouard Philippe in a December IPSOS poll. Attal’s diverse background, from overcoming teenage bullying to a privileged upbringing, adds complexity to his political journey. And he is cute, which is not hearting a politician.

USA/Uganda. Politics. Joe Biden cancels Uganda’s trade agreements.

President Joe Biden has officially excluded Uganda from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), a significant trade agreement, citing the country’s enactment of an “abhorrent anti-homosexuality law” in spring last year. In a proclamation on December 29, President Biden determined that Uganda, along with the Central African Republic, Gabon, and Niger, failed to meet the conditions for AGOA eligibility. The move comes in response to Uganda’s controversial “Anti-Homosexuality Act,” signed by President Yoweri Museveni, imposing the death penalty for “severe homosexuality” and life imprisonment for related activities. Biden had previously urged the law’s repeal, emphasizing the impact on Uganda’s AGOA eligibility. AGOA permits duty-free exports from eligible sub-Saharan African countries to the USA.

Austria. Politics. Lesbian women are recognized as legitimate mothers.

Austria takes a significant stride towards LGBT+ inclusivity as a legal amendment ensures that lesbian women are recognized as legitimate mothers when their partner undergoes sperm donation. The revision to the General Civil Code marks a crucial shift, challenging societal norms and promoting equality for the LGBT+ community in a predominantly heterosexual and patriarchal landscape. This alteration, prompted by a Constitutional Court ruling, solidifies both women as parents in lesbian families from a child’s birth, acknowledging the offspring of queer couples conceived through methods such as sperm donation or surrogacy. Amid global challenges to LGBT+ rights, Austria’s legislative move highlights the ongoing pursuit of equality, with the fate of issues like surrogacy awaiting resolution in upcoming elections.

USA. Politics. The Biden administration publicly condemns Burundi President.

The Biden administration condemns Burundi President Evariste Ndayishimiye for advocating the stoning of gay individuals, branding homosexuality a “curse” on the nation. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller expressed deep concern, urging all Burundi leaders to respect the dignity and rights of marginalized citizens. Ndayishimiye’s remarks, where he proposed stoning gay people in a stadium, elicited international condemnation. The President also accused Western countries of imposing LGBTQ+ equality on Africa in exchange for aid. The Biden administration, no stranger to addressing rising homophobia in East Africa, previously denounced Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill. The move follows Biden’s expulsion of Uganda from a lucrative trade deal due to gross human rights violations.

Austria. East meets West to launch a new initiative for LGBT+ organisations.

East Meets West 2024 Connect launches a year-long programme aimed at enhancing competencies and skills for LGBT+ individuals, organisations, and businesses in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE). The initiative plans to utilise established contacts and partners to provide diverse activities, including conferences, learning events, roundtable discussions, and internships, addressing varied capacity-building needs. The Vienna-based network, founded in 2013, seeks to bridge gaps in knowledge and expertise. With committed partners hosting specific events for the CEE network, the pilot year is poised for success, setting the foundation for expansion in the coming years. East meets West envisions a comprehensive approach to fostering collaboration and development within the LGBT+ community. You can apply here: https://www.eastmeetswest.eu/connect.

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