“The 9”. News Curated Weekly. Cruel Russian Police Raid Moscow Gay Venues Amid Holidays

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As usual… 5.5 minutes to read. Your guide to the queer media circus. A weekly digest of the most important queer news in your backyard!  Exclusively for paid subscribers every Monday, “The 9” is curated weekly by Taylor Abbot + the GenZ editorial team.

Looking back, 2023 was nothing short of pure chaos.

This year alone saw the election and ousting of the same person as USA speaker of the house, simultaneous labor strikes from writers and actors in the entertainment industry, boycotts against the world’s top beer brand, criminal indictments against a former USA president, the disappearance of a submersible looking of Titanic and filled with millionaires, an unprecedneted conflict in Gaza with thousands of people killed and approximately one million other once-in-a-generation stories that dominated the news cycle.

After a challenging and demanding year during which we introduced numerous new journalistic features to our readers, we are taking a vacation.


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