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This week, Germany is the champion of queer gestures, and then:

Captain Faggotron saves the Universe.

Germany & USA. Film. Great B-movies launched this month.

Great B-movie trash from Berlin: In Harvey Rabbit’s “Captain Faggotron saves the Universe” Queen Bitch from the planet Oberon threatens to transform the world into a homosexual planet with the help of a magical ring. To prevent this, the hidden gay priest Father Gaylord hires the superhero Captain Faggotron. A wonderfully crazy hunt including loving animated sequences and bizarre flashbacks begins. Just because of the epic hot dog blowjob duel between Fagottron and Queen Bitch, it is worth watching this underground pearl. (from 7. December in the cinemas). And from the USA in Emma Seligman’s high school comedy parody “Bottoms” the lesbian students PJ and Josie found a fight club for women through which they want to get to hot classmates. However, the whole thing then develops a very wild momentum of its own, through which, among other things, the players of the school football team – they never take off their jerseys and armor – have to take a lot. And vice versa. The film, for which Seligmann also wrote the screenplay together with PJ actress Rachel Sennot, constantly hits hooks and lives from his absurd dialogue joke. (on Amazon Prime.)


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