The 10 Best Queer Songs of 2023: Staff Picks

By Editorial Staff

Running the gamut of genres, themes and release strategies, LGBTQ+ artists couldn’t be pinned down throughout this chaotic year.

Looking back, 2023 was nothing short of pure chaos. This year alone saw the election and ousting of the same person as speaker of the house, simultaneous labour strikes from writers and actors in the entertainment industry boycotts against the world’s top beer brand, criminal indictments against a former president, the disappearance of a submersible filled with millionaires and approximately one million other once-in-a-generation stories that dominated the news cycle.

It’s fitting, then, that the world of music seemed to embrace that feeling of mayhem. Years-old songs made their way into the upper echelons of the Billboard Hot 100, while hip-hop relinquished its hold over the charts to make room for a much broader spectrum of genres. That same energy suffused releases from LGBT+ artists throughout 2023 — queer and trans performers delivered in just about every genre, including pop, rock, country, folk, house, hip-hop, dance, Latin and everything in between. Topics ranged from fighting back against injustice to romantic trysts in the dark corners of nightclubs. Putting a label on music from LGBT+ artists in 2023 was, in a word, impossible, but a lot of the good music has come from queer artists.


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