Supernova is a movie about gay, love, dementia and dedication

Stanley Tucci, director Harry Macqueen & Colin Firth

Supernova is a 2021 British romantic drama film written and directed by Harry Macqueen. The film stars Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci. That is a perfect combination of movie stars. But, it is more than that.
Long-time partners Sam (Firth) and Tusker (Tucci) are “back on the road again”, steering their aging but functional camper van across the country, revisiting old haunts, with their faithful dog, Ruby, in tow. Having been diagnosed with early-onset dementia, novelist Tusker has neglected to pack his meds, exasperating Sam, who seems to be in denial about his partner’s deteriorating condition. A respected musician, Sam has a recital ahead of him, after which he plans to call it a day, dedicating his every waking moment to Tusker. But Tusker has other plans, determined to be the master of his fate, taking matters of life and death into his own hands.

Actor turned writer-director Harry Macqueen, who made 2014’s Hinterland, describes Supernova as an attempt to make a film about “what we are willing to do for the people we love”, and “how we live and love and laugh, even as we near the end of our time”.We let you see it, it is one of the best gay movies ever and what is fantastic, it is for everyone, for people whoever loved. But, we have to say we ended crying at this movie.

A very good interview with the director and writer Harry Macqueen that we recommend here.

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