Suckadelic bootleg toymaker


The Sucklord, born Morgan Phillips March 27, 1969, is a New York pop artist, Television Personality and the coolest bootleg toymaker you’ve probably never heard of. In 2000, he founded his bootleg toy company Suckadelic Enterprises where he manufactures unlicensed action figures and toys. Suckadelic Enterprises is headquartered in a “secret” Chinatown facility in New York City. His company had instant success and within a year of its inception, Suckadelic Toys had a show at the VICE Store in Soho, NYC. He was into design and making toys his entire life – “I grew up in the golden age of Star Wars figures and I never quite felt like I was happy just playing with toys, I always wanted to do things to them.” he says in an interview for His “toys” have no play value, he considers his work to be “collages which just happen to have a three-dimensional element.” He makes bootleg Star Wars and sci-fi figurines that are intentionally a little crappy or off-looking. He works with toxic resins, blister packs and in poor working conditions and he conceived “Suckadelic” brand on an acid trip.


Some of his projects are GAY EMPIRE which began in 2005 with the Homotrooper Bootleg figure and “this is the figure that “broke” the Sucklord into the “Designer Toy World.”; THE SUCKLORD SERIES, “The SUCKLORD” is the Signature character in the sprawling SUCKADELIC cosmology.”; CELEBRITY SUCKPANELZ wich “are wood-mounted vintage and modern print materials paired with classic action figures.”, to name a few of his projects.

His statement for the 2011 exhibition in a pop-up Chelsea gallery in NYC was:


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