“Stern” to publish fairy tale book criticized by Viktor Orban

Pride-Parade in Budapest im Juli 2021. Foto: imago images/ZUMA Wire

“Meseorszag mindenkie” (Fairy Tale Land for All) to be published in German – publisher Gruner + Jahr has acquired rights for Germany, Austria, Switzerland. In Hungary is forbiden by the new law.

The magazine “Stern” has acquired the rights to the Hungarian fairy tale book “Meseorszag mindenkie” (Fairy Tale Land for All) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This was announced by the publishing house Gruner + Jahr on Friday.

It is to be published as a “Stern” book in spring 2022. The children’s book had caused a surprising furor in Hungary because right-wing nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban used it as a hook for a campaign directed against homosexuals.

In “Fairyland for All,” Hungarian authors retell familiar fairy tales in which the heroic characters belong to minorities. Among them are children living in deep poverty, children with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, homosexuals and transsexuals.

The book aims to create more acceptance for disadvantaged people and members of the LGBT community. In Hungary, it cannot be openly displayed in bookstores because of the new law.

News  from APA.


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