Stanley Stellar’s Photographs and Kurt Prynne’s Jockstrap as History of Art

Kurt Prynne is proud to commemorate Berlin’s CSD week with the work of one of the most significant photographers of LGTBQ+ history, both past, and present: Stanley Stellar (b. 1945, Brooklyn, NY). His work is a celebration and exploration of the many facets of queer life. Through his lens we are witness to some of the most important events and eras of our history: from the Stonewall riots of 1969 to the Gay Liberation movement, the Christopher Street Piers in the West Village, the first Gay Pride Parades, and the realities of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and much more. In his recent works, Stanley Stellar decided to include Kurt Prynne’s collection during a photo shoot in his studio in New York City. He comments, “I like to be inspired by other creative people and I like how classic/contemporary the black jockstrap comes across. Kurt’s jockstrap is so timeless. It’s been designed to resonate with the classic history of art”.

Who is Kurt Prynne?

Kurt Prynne is a name created conjuring Kurt Hiller, the administrator of the first Sexual Science institute in 1930, who held onto his ideals, even in the face of fear on his way to a concentration camp, and Kurt Prynne, a historical female figure, who was publicly shamed for adultery and yet wore her stamp of shame fearlessly for the rest of her life.

Nowadays, Kurt is the kind of guy, who wears his T-shirt to repel a socially-attached shame, fear, and stigma of what he is. Being very good at insulting in a politically correct way, he encourages us to accept our dark side and remains the alter-ego of a friend we all need.

It all started with a simple conversation in one of the well-known clubs in Berlin. Making fun of personal life experiences, being constantly asked uncomfortable questions, and appearing in inconvenient party situations, the creators used all the sarcasm they could find to help themselves and others make a strong, visible statement. For those times, when you simply don’t want to answer dumb questions with a smile. For when you feel lower than the ground and need to pick yourself up and when you despise following the crowd and would rather stay forever alone.

Thus, a personality that is fearless, cynical, supportive, and fun was created. And it landed on a T-shirt.

You can find more about Kurt Prynne and Stanley Stellar on their website.


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