A Nice Design Show: How to Build a Sex Room

Netflix’s new series How to Build a Sex Room hosted by Melanie Rose poses the titillating question. What really goes on behind closed doors?

With all of us spending more time at home looking at our walls, it’s little wonder that the sexually adventurous amongst us might have turned their, ahem, desires towards redecorating. The show follows couples who are looking for more spice in the bedroom, and in through their front door walks the Mary Poppins of design decadence: luxury interior designer Melanie Rose. As posh as her accent may be, Rose is no prude. With her sophisticated British accent, her sympathetic ear, and her bag of sex goodies (hello flogger, hello butt plug!) by her side, Rose relishes being hired by these diverse lovebirds (queer, straight, gay, polyamorous!) to create stylish spaces where they can carry out any fantasy they wish. You’ve seen kitchen renovations, you’ve seen bathroom transformations, but you’ve never seen anything quite like this!

The diverse array of hopeful clients looking to transform that basement, attic, spare room or closet into the sex space of their fantasies includes LGBTQ+ couple and queer burlesque pair Brodie Danger and Bettie Belladonna who want a space where they can prepare for shows while loving on each other. The challenge? it must include a romantic soaking tub! The show is a fun, engaging, and sex-positive diversion. Rose, born and raised in London, England brings decades worth of design experience acquired after relocating to Los Angeles. Her makeovers are not only fun, they are loaded with ideas and practical hints, always returning to the golden rule of what the room is going to be used for.

Says Rose: “I have been an interior designer for over 20 years, working on everything from apartments to multi-million dollar homes. My work is tailored to the clients’ unique and individual needs, to create a deeply personal space. In the last decade, I have specialized in creating sacred spaces, and fantasy rooms (sometimes called sex rooms), giving my clients an exclusive experience. I am delighted to showcase some of my designs in the upcoming Netflix series How to Build a Sex Room. Hopefully, it will inspire you to create your own sacred space.”

You can watch it on Netflix here.

This article was published first in Queer Forty.


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