Something to Listen To: “The Semen Ingesting Tribe of Papua New Guinea”

Caravaggio, Derek Jarman, 16mm, 1986

GAY45 has launched a new editorial feature, “Something to Listen To”. The feature offers readers a handpicked selection of the best episode podcasts of the month. The selection is curated by the magazine’s editorial team, who scour the airwaves for the most engaging and thought-provoking shows to share with their readers.

At the end of the year, the magazine will take things a step further by honouring the best podcast of the year with the prestigious GAY45 Award for the best 2023 Podcast. The award will recognize excellence in podcasting, celebrating shows that have made a significant impact on listeners and the industry as a whole.

The process behind selecting podcast episodes for a new series is being touted as independent of the publishing date, with a focus on appealing to listeners based on interest rather than recency.

This episode is from The History of Gay Sex by Stuart. If want to read more about we have an excellent interview with Stuart.


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