Thy Slaughter’s “Soft Rock”: One Last Triumph for PC Music

By Jude Jones

When PC Music, the luminary label credited with inventing the saccharine-sweet hyperpop microgenre, announced this June that it would be moving away from new releases and towards archival projects, its cult of devotees were unsure what to make of it.

The subsequent November announcement that Thy Slaughter – a collaborative project between PC founder A.G. Cook and label original EASYFUN – would soon release their debut album Soft Rock, their only prior release having been the chirpy, digital-fantasia 2014 single “Bronze” from  “PC Music Volume 1”, failed to offer either mental safe-harbour from or self-evident explanation to the announcement. As per with everything else – however minimal – that Thy Slaughter had until then done, all that abounded were new questions.

Thy Slaughter, “Soft Rock” (PC Music, 2023)

A Halloween Day performance in London at PC’s ten-year anniversary show ostensibly cleared some of the air. Slotted between an electric A.G. Cook solo – for which guests were given 3D glasses to enjoy Timothy Luke’s mind-bending graphics in their most transcendental capacity – and Danny L. Harle’s Ibiza-via-the-Middle-Ages rave extravaganza, Cook and EASYFUN emerged for the group’s debut live performance, adorning their rock-group personas (A.G. Slaughter and EASY Slaughter, respectively) to an uncharacteristically well-furnished stage, and bringing with them a small cavalcade of collaborators to assist in the showing, namely Cook’s real-life partner Alaska Reid and the American pop idol Caroline Polachek.


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