N. Alexsander Sidirov: Climax in Electric Blue

A review of N. Alexsander Sidirov’s second poetry collection, “Climax in Electric Blue”, published in 2023.

Amid a literary realm that often extols the virtues of uniformity and predictability, this work emerges as a radiant sunbeam piercing through the clouds of convention. Its pages, an ever-shifting kaleidoscope, dance between the realms of poetic lyricism, soul-baring confessionals, and abstract ruminations. This collection unfolds as a luminous detonation of brilliance and grace, leaving its audience breathless, and stunned by its audacity and creative ingenuity.

At every juncture, readers are taken on a journey of astonishment, where each line page presents a fresh outlook or a daring foray into poetry forms and themes. The spectrum of this work ranges from surreal and avant-garde imagery to the ever-watchful and haunting eye that stalks its pages, defying easy classification or explanation.

Beneath its avant-garde exterior, this collection finds its roots in the human emotional experience. Each poem charts an emotional odyssey teeming with innovation, reminiscent of Lynchian surrealism and the absurd.

Ultimately, it’s the transcendental crescendo that sets this collection apart. The author wields language to summon a sense of awe and wonder that is both profound and profoundly moving. Whether a poetry aficionado or simply someone in search of the truly exceptional, this book is an imperative read, guaranteed to leave you awestruck, inspired, and profoundly transformed. Keep in mind it is an author in his early 20s.

N. Alexsander Sidirov is a Siberian poet, artist and music producer. Born in Sosnovoborsk, adopted and raised in the United States he has been writing since he was a child. He is 25 years old and currently moved from Scottsdale, Arizona to Barcelona, Spain. “There was Histrionic Laughter at the Clowns Cadaver”, is his first collection of poetry. Meanwhile, he also exhibited as a painter and acted as a musical producer.


I have been following his evolution since he was very young because I believe he possesses what is rarely found in a great poet. I did not know until recently what he looked like or anything else for that matter, just his poetry. In my research, information about him was scarce. However, I was surprised to discover a podcast called “God’s Asshole” with an episode featuring him (the artist name he uses is Nikolai A. Phalen). The host and her ideas presented are far from extraordinary, but you can hear him reading his poetry and sharing some ideas. You will see how his mind connects the knowledge he possesses. Give it a listen for him; he deserves it.

The poems are selected from the second collection of N. Alexsander Sidirov, Climax in Electric Blue.

The first collection was reviewed by us here.

You can find both on Amazon. 


N. Alexsander Sidirov in 2020.

Does a butterfly know it has reached its final form?


Does a butterfly know it has reached its final form?

“Where there are white flowers blossoming…” my grandmother said,

“There has been rain.”

When the wisteria tree

turns in on itself

and its wings of blue become

a matted mess

it is time to cut the cords for growth to begin again.

And should you find the soil

where you have laid your roots

has become bitter and cruel

It is time to dig deep and uproot yourself

for to live a life in liberty

is to live a life in bloom


The beautiful ghost who visits when I get fucked


as I laid there under that stranger

who I think fell in love

probably for the same reasons I do

Because I was emotionally elsewhere

Because I was too busy

Wandering around the town

of you

His height was an inch off

His weight about yours

His hair color dissimilar but I

just closed my eyes and rolled my hands over him

hoping that somehow

Maybe this time

I could shake the theater

from the scene.

Review and selection by  Răzvan Ion.

Răzvan Ion is the founder of GAY45. A university professor of curatorial studies and critical thinking in Vienna with a PhD in poetry, he is passionate about technology, comic books, the stock market, art, alternative music, movies, literature, and blockchain.

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