Self-interview with selfie – Liviu Bulea, artist

We copyrighted the ideea in 2012. The concept is simple. We identify emerging creatives, interesting people who we believe will be captivating to read about. We invite people to interview themselves and to take a selfie. The self-interview with selfie was inspired by empirical tool specifically for use in memory studies research. Our idea was developed to overcome some of the practical limitations of one-to-one interviews and address a new type of journalism. We ask queer creatives & interesting people to interview themselfs. The manner can be trought storytelling, diary keeping, questions, images, sound or any othe meaning of representation. We beleive it is interesting what our guests wanna tell people about themselfs avoiding the intrusion by other person.  Today we invited Liviu Bulea.

So, who am I? 

I am a 32-year-old queer guy from a small town in the heart of Transylvania who dreams of becoming a vampire one day. In the meantime, I make art. 

What kind of art? 

I am a visual artist working with installation art, photography, drawing, sculpture, mixed media art, etc. I try to resolve my curiosities through various techniques. 

What inspires me? 

My inspiration comes from a great mix of things. It all starts with personal experience: the time I had cancer, the ruins from my city, the dust from the cement factory, the smell of the chemicals from the river Aries, the dead gardens of Turda, the illegal landfill, and the LGBTQ+ community. For my queer art, I find inspiration through social media; I am interested in the male body and sexual intercourse. I work with photography, drawing, and watercolour. I create most of my art using photos people send me or captions from porn movies. 

How has the pandemic changed my life? 

Professionally it has been good, but what I miss is travelling and my friends.
Coronavirus has changed all aspects of our lives and it has led to surprising discoveries. I discovered what it means to be stuck at home, with computer screens being my only way of contact. For this reason, I discovered new information on different topics, I acquired new skills and learned to be patient. This aspect forced me to use my imagination even more and thus to realize new projects. 

What is my biggest wish now? 

To be on the road again, towards new destinations and new people. My greatest pleasure is to travel alone and live experiences that only I know about. Travelling turns me into a storyteller. 

Ok, let’s talk about things that aren’t sooooo deep. 

My favourite fashion items? 

Perfume, now I use Eau de Citron Noir Hermès, jewellery, especially rings and shoes, brands like Tuk, Dr Martens and All Saints. 

What are my favourite Internet/mobile apps; why? 

Instagram, because I made great professional connections using this app. Spotify, because I cannot live without music. Recently I’ve started using the Xplicit app, which is a censorship-free art social network and for graphic design I use Affinity Designer, an app that is cheap and easy to use. 

Some musicians/bands I am listening to these days…? 

Shortparis, Benjamin Clementine, Sopor Aeternus, She Past Away, Boy Harsher, Black Kiss, All Your Sisters, Haus Arafna, Lebanon Hanover, to name a few. 

My mantra? 

“Ô Satan, prends pitié de ma longue misère!” 

Charles Baudelaire`s Les Fleurs du mal (Flowers of Evil)

Artwork by Liviu Bulea, mixed media on paper, A4, 2020.

Now I`m going to play a game with…myself: 10 short questions/10 short 


1.The first book that comes to mind? Go! 

‘My Brother And His Brother’ by Hakan Lindquist 

2.The first movie that comes to mind? 

‘The Seventh Seal’ by Ingmar Bergman 

3.Favorite food? 


4.Favorite city? 


5. The word that makes me laugh? 

Buric (belly button) 

6.Guilty pleasure from TV? 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 

7. The first colour that comes to mind? 


8. Beach or mountains? 


9. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? 

Christina Aguilera 

10. God or Satan? 


Liviu Bulea is an artist living in Turda, Romania. For his  BA and MA he investigated the field of medicine, researched the memory of spaces and objects in oncology departments. His work has been displayed at the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin; Chrysalid Gallery Rotterdam; Museum of Art, Cluj Napoca; Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest; HOFSTALLUNGEN of the MUMOK, Vienna; Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek, Graz; CAC Bukovje, Sweden; Creart Gallery, Bucharest; Bucharest Biennale 8; Iaga Gallery, Cluj-Napoca; Shelter Club, Amsterdam; Parallel Vienna, Austria; Jurmala City Museum, Latvia; ASP Katowice, Poland; at the 4th edition of the International Student Biennale in Novi Sad, Serbia etc. Currently he is a PhD candidate at the University of Arts and Design in Cluj-Napoca. 

You can find him on Instagram: @liviu.bulea 0r @liviu.queer.art2 (his queer art)


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