Self-interview with selfie – Jason Roseborough, founder: That Gay Creation

We copyrighted the idea in 2012. The concept is simple. We identify emerging creatives, interesting people who we believe will be captivating to read about. We invite people to interview themselves and to take a selfie. The self-interview with selfie was inspired by an empirical tool specifically for use in memory studies research. Our idea was developed to overcome some of the practical limitations of one-to-one interviews and address a new type of journalism. We ask queer creatives & interesting people to interview themselves. The manner can be through storytelling, diary-keeping, questions, images, sound, or any other meaning of representation. We believe it is interesting what our guests wanna tell people about themselves avoiding the intrusion by another person. Today we invited Jason Roseborough.

Jason, wearing the goggles he uses for creating candles

“I’m Jason Roseborough, born British, living in what I love to call home Germany.

I am the Founder and Creative Director of That Gay Creation.
When I create, I am especially interested in pushing boundaries in the Queer community. During the pandemic, I lost my job so, I launched That Gay Creation online store with Eric. At first, I started to create erotic candles: dicks, vaginas, naked male bodies, naked female bodies, the mission being to simply spread joy and bring a smile to your faces. Your smile makes us smile.” 🙂

How did it all start?
An erotic candle Business was born in Lockdown.

A redundancy and pandemic struck survival mode: That Gay Creation was born, an Online Etsy Store that plays a crucial part in this love affair!

Who is Eric and how he met Jason?
How Eric and Jason met is a good one… Unlike most people of their generation, they did not meet on an Internet platform, on the contrary, it was different. They first met about a year ago. That Gay Creation was already launched, and Jason had a small stand of his own at a flea market at Mauerpark in Berlin. Here he sold his homemade erotic candles and flamboyant lampshades. Eric was shopping at this flea market with a few friends that day. He immediately noticed the stand with the eye-catching merchandise. While Eric’s friends were very interested in the candles, he was more interested in the seller of this stand. To start a conversation, Eric began asking questions; it wasn’t long before a spark was formed. Eric hadn’t even noticed that his friends had left him alone at the stand. Jason and Eric quickly realized that they got along well and Jason invited Eric over to his place for a coffee.

Photo by Florian Hetz – Model Robert Royal – Candle by That Gay Creation

Today the two are in the process of building That Gay Creation and just secured their first That Gay Creation headquarters in Berlin.

“What began as a hobby is now a job I love! I am grateful to you guys for allowing me to fulfil my dreams.

The process of building That Gay Creation has begun!”

Courtesy of That Gay Creation

Jason and Eric are a gay couple living in Berlin, Germany. Together they embarked on this adventure of creating and selling these amazing products. The objects they produce are all organic and handmade. If you look at their reviews on Etsy, the customers seem extremely happy about the products. Jason and Eric are very involved in satisfying their customers, always getting something special with the ordered products.


Jason: Founder

Eric: Human Resources

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