Self-interview with selfie – Imad Zoukanni, artist

We copyrighted the idea in 2012. The concept is simple. We identify emerging creatives, interesting people who we believe will be captivating to read about. We invite people to interview themselves and to take a selfie. The self-interview with selfie was inspired by an empirical tool specifically for use in memory studies research. Our idea was developed to overcome some of the practical limitations of one-to-one interviews and address a new type of journalism. We ask queer creatives & interesting people to interview themselves. The manner can be through storytelling, diary-keeping, questions, images, sound, or any other meaning of representation. We believe it is interesting what our guests wanna tell people about themselves avoiding the intrusion by another person. Today we invited Imad Zoukanni.

Who am I?

I’m Imad Zoukanni, a North African artist based in Morocco and I am a strong defender of gender and queer identity. Through my work, I try to focus on the queer image in the Arab environment and I aspire to make a change to the negative portrayal that the queer community faces. I seek to link my queer background that I have built by myself to everything else I experience as a human being, resulting in a gay icon that expresses what we can achieve through freedom and visual joy.

What kind of art?

I draw on paper, using pencils, charcoal, watercolour, and sometimes natural materials that can be used on paper.
Last year, I started experimenting with drawing on clothes and the reaction of people around me and followers on social media was extremely good; this is a project I want to work on in the future.

What inspires me?

That’s a good question. My childhood is the greatest inspiration with its negative and positive aspects; however, at times, I have met people who have inspired me with their queer attitude.

What is my biggest wish now?

To gain more experience in the artistic field and present my work in different art shows around the world.

What other artistic mediums do you like besides drawing?

I like photography, especially working on subjects related to the human body. This is something I really enjoy doing. I’m also into eroticism and pornography; I hope to produce art related to these subjects someday.

Challenges I face as a queer artist in a society that does not recognize homosexuality?

The biggest challenge a person can face in such societies is the impossibility of expressing an opinion through art in a queer way. I am referring to real life, not social media.

My strength in a few words?

My strong point is the will that I possess to fulfil my vision through art.

Quick answers game:

1) Favourite queer movies?
Brokeback Mountain & Call Me By Your Name

2) Favorite Actors?
Omar Ayuso, Timothée Chalamet, Leonardo DiCaprio

3) Queer artist I would love to work with?
Jwan Yousef

4) Something I cannot live without?
My mom and art

5) Music I listen to?
Pop music

6) Beyonce or Rihanna?

7) Favorite colour?

8) A city I wish to continue my life in?

9) Favourite photographer?
Robert Mapplethorpe

10) My thoughts for GAY45?
Thanks for having me. Keep growing!

Imad Zoukanni is a 24-year-old visual artist from Morocco who studied at the American Language Center in Marrakech. His interest as an artist is abstract drawing and the predominant theme in his art is the LGBTQ + community.

You can find him on Instagram: @iamzoukanni and on his website.


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