Sébastien Delage, Chanson de Baise, and His Queer Sexy Fanzine

The Parisian musician Sébastien Delage accompanies his latest title with a fanzine bringing together the crème de la crème. On the menu of this erotic fanzine, L. Bigorra, Jul Maroh or Hervé Lassïnce.

Noticed with his first EP “Fou”, and the particular attention paid to the image of the song “Les Garçons de l’été” and “Fou“, the Parisian artist Sébastien Delage is talking about him again this summer with a project that will delight fans of paper. To end the life of his first solo EP in style, the defector from the duo Hollydays has invited a host of queer artists to a new fanzine, which accompanies the release of “Chanson de Baise”.

In particular, there is an exclusive story by L. Bigorre, 2021 gay novel prize, who also signed “Ex is better than future you won’t have”, the unpublished short story from the last issue of stubborn in which he returned to the symbolism marriage. Here, he recounts a scorching encounter in the Paris metro. On the text side, there are also unpublished words from the musical artist Mélissa Laveaux, and poetry with Beverly Ruby, the transfeminist activist.

A 100% queer cast

On the illustrations side, watch your eyes, because Jul Maroh, the author of the cult lesbian graphic novel “Blue is a hot color” is also in the game, and the ceramist and illustrator Julien Michaud.

But a fanzine on queer sex cannot do without photographs, and Sébastien Delage has surrounded himself with the crème de la crème of erotic photography: Hervé Lassïnce, Jeytall, Nicolas Wagner, Guillaume Rossi, Karlo Martinez and Tristane Mesquita.

A “joyfully erotic” object designed to celebrate “our sexual orientations and our gender identities” in the face of society and news “always more anxiety-provoking and deadly”, writes the musician in the press release which accompanies the fanzine.

Available online and at the ‘Les Mots à la Bouche’ bookstore (Paris 11th) from August 15 at €25.

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