Queering the Map and the Myth of “The Perfect Palestinian Victim” 

By Toby Clarke

“In the nation of Israel, people can live freely and love freely, Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where you can have a pride march”. These are the words of Micheal Gove, a senior conservative MP and longstanding ally of the Israeli state. Gove, like much of the political class, is attempting to ally Israel with a seemingly progressive international order, an order which argues that social progress can only be sustained if the geo-strategic interests of the West are upheld. Gove’s pinkwashing serves another purpose, In labelling the Arab world as inherently Queerphobic, he relegates Palestinians to a subclass of humanity, a backwards people undeserving of common compassion, and perversely, deserving of their collective punishment. With little room for resistance and a dearth of international solidarity, Queer Palestinians have used social media as a means of halting their erasure. 


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