Queer Prague – A Guide to the LGBT History of the Czech Capital

Prague definitely ranks as one of the top destinations in Europe as well as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s super unique, with its striking Gothic architecture, magnificent medieval monuments, like something from a fairy tale. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most visited cities in the world.

The country is so rich with culture that you can never get bored exploring it. At the same time, the city has a very rich LGBTQAI+ history that can be found recounted in this book: Queer Prague – A Guide to the LGBT History of the Czech Capital

This guide introduces 100 places, which are connected with the past of the queer people in Prague. The book is designed to be a true guide book i.e. a book of instructions for walking around the city. There is an orientation map of the given borough at the beginning of each chapter. The individual places of interest are marked in the initial map. These places are organized topographically so that put together create a meaningful walking route.

Some positive LGBTQAI+ facts about the Czech Republic which show how gay friendly it is:

  • homosexuality was legalised as early as 1962, which is 5 years before the UK and long before the US Supreme Court did it in 2003.
  • civil union laws passed in 2006 and are on the verge of passing gay marriage legislation
  • adoption laws are also about to be passed as of 2019
  • it has a comprehensive set of anti-discrimination laws in place since 2009
  • the army allows gays and transgender people to openly serve since 1999

The main gay area of Prague is in the trendy residential neighbourhood called “Vinohrady”.

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