Queer Fashion Moodboards for 2024

By Editorial Staff

Our fashion connoisseurs in the office read most of the research on the next year’s main fashion trends. Especially for our beloved readers, we worked on 3 mood boards representing 2024. The main trends in 2024 are defined by Blokecore, Oversized and 70-80-90.

Oversized is a realm of relaxed sophistication. It brings to mind slouch, volume and less structure. An oversized fit is the most fashion-forward and edgy fit. Once you get started with oversized garments, it’s all about proportions. Celebrating the art of comfort without compromising style, redefine elegance in voluminous silhouettes. Embrace the liberating feel of oversized pieces, where each garment becomes a canvas for self-expression, effortlessly blending fashion with ease. Tip: When the fit’s monochromatic, hand your jewellery a megaphone: chains should be loud, colourful and packing a fist-sized pendant.


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