“Pokémon Unite” unveils a very gay version of Mackogneur

The video game “Pokémon Unite” has released an update in which Mackogneur’s new outfit is not sitting well with the gay community.

Photo credit: Pokémon, Nintendo

Have you ever been tempted to call a Pokémon “daddy”? No, of course not… But the opportunity is there in the latest “Pokémon Unite” update. Mackogneur’s new “punk” outfit, a leather-clad mountain of muscles, has sent fans of the video game wild, especially on gay Twitter, which has obviously been quick to crack its best jokes about the iconic character.

“Pokémon Unite”, a multiplayer arena game for Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS, consists of two teams of Pokémon battling online in ten-minute strategic battles. If the strategy here was to produce a queer-coded character, it’s a successful bet! The Pokémon is a true fit-boy proudly displaying its muscular arms, which now protrude from a protruding ripped black leather jacket dotted with studs and purple details. Add to that a pair of tight black briefs and you can see why the update is so popular.

“Mackogneur of Finland”

Some of the funniest comments include a great pun, “Machamp of Finland” – Machamp being the English name for Mackogneur – in reference to the artist Tom of Finland. Others simply congratulate Machamp on coming out. “I didn’t have ‘Mackogneur is a gay man in leather’ on my 2022 bingo card,” joked one Twitter when another exclaimed, “Finally, Pokémon represents the LGBTQI+ leather community.” “Who’s the gay guy who designed this outfit?”, laughs a third.

The game is available as a free download. However, fans wishing to add some queerness to their Pokémon team will have to pay a small fee in order to acquire the 1,050 Aeos Gems needed to purchase this design. The 1,220 gems are worth €19.99.

*Article first published on tetu.com and translated with deepL.com from french


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