Poetry: The Flame Diner at 4:14 a.m. by N. Alexsander Sidirov

I love diners and their muted satisfaction

that satiates

the part of me

that enjoys

dead movie stars

where I can drink milkshakes

and pretend


one day

I will become a symbol

for something



barely understand.


About N.Alexsander Sidirov’s poetry

In a literary landscape that often prizes consistency and conformity, the book stands out like a burst of sunlight on a cloudy day. Oscillating between lyrical poetry, dramatic confessionals, and abstract musings, this collection is an explosion of light and beauty that will leave readers breathless with its sheer audacity and inventiveness.

At every turn, the reader is met with surprise, as each page seems to offer a new twist, a fresh perspective, or a daring new experiment in form or content. From the novel and avant-garde imagery to the ominous and often omnipresent eye that haunts these pages, this is a work that defies easy categorization or description.

Yet, for all its experimentalism and daring, this collection is also deeply grounded in the emotional realities of the human experience. Each poem has a specific place along an emotional odyssey that blisters with novelty and an almost Lynchian flare for the surreal and absurd.

In the end, it is the transcendental climax that truly sets this collection apart, as the author uses language to evoke a sense of awe and wonder that is both profound and deeply moving. Whether you are a lover of poetry or simply someone who craves something truly original and unique, this book is a must-read that will leave you stunned, inspired, and utterly transformed.


“The Flame Diner at 4:14 a.m.” is selected from the volume “There was Histrionic Laughter at the Clowns Cadaver” which can be found on Amazon

N.Alexsander Sidirov is a Siberian poet and novelist. Born in Sosnovoborsk and raised in the United States he has been writing since he was a child. He is 23 years old and currently lives in Scottsdale Arizona. “There was Histrionic Laughter at the Clowns Cadaver”, is his first collection of poetry.

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