“Peter von Kant”, the new film by François Ozon

About two years after “Summer of 85”, the brilliant French director is back with “Peter von Kant”. François Ozon pays tribute to Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

The summer would not look so bright without a new film by François Ozon. After telling us about the fatal romance of two teenagers in Summer 85 , the filmmaker returns to tell us a new gay story, although a little more twisted, with Peter von Kant . This is a reimagining of Tears by Petra von Kant , a play by German playwright Rainer Werner Fassbinder, which the latter had already brought to the big screen in 1972. Expected in cinemas on July 6, this new adaptation promises to be as sulfurous as the original work.

Peter, Karl, Isabelle Adjani

On screen, Denis Ménochet ( Thanks to God ) lends his features to Peter von Kant, a director whose fame is well established. He cohabits with Karl, his young assistant, whom he adores manhandling with daily humiliations. But the irruption of Amir, an attractive young man from a modest background introduced to him by his friend and actress Sidonie, could well upset his daily life. Little by little, an opportunistic relationship develops between Peter and Amir, threatening to have devastating consequences on their respective lives as well as their close entourage.

Although this trailer does not contain any lines of dialogue, it does reveal a gently anxiety-inducing atmosphere. It also bears witness to a rather glamorous aesthetic – and we don’t just say that because Isabelle Adjani makes an appearance there. Also in the cast: Khalil Gharbia (crossed over in Skam France ), Stefan Crepon and actress Hanna Schygulla, who played one of the main roles in The Tears of Petra von Kant last century.


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