Pedro Almodóvar’s new masterpiece “Madres paralelas” – “Parallel Mothers”

Two women, two pregnancies, two lives. Janis (Penélope Cruz) and Ana (Milena Smit) are both expecting their first child and meet by chance in the hospital shortly before the birth. Both are single and became pregnant unintentionally.

Janis, middle-aged, has no regrets and is overjoyed in the hours before the birth. Ana, the exact opposite, is a teenager, scared and traumatized, who also finds little support in her mother Teresa (Aitana Sánchez Gijón). Janis, however, tries to cheer Ana up. The few words they exchange in the hospital hallway during those hours create a close bond between the two. But a coincidence throws everything into disarray and changes their lives in a dramatic way.

In this suspenseful drama, Pedro Almodóvar goes in search of clues – within the family history as well as the very personal truth. Oscar winner Penélope Cruz (“Open Secret”) and new discovery Milena Smit (“Cross the Line – Thou Shalt Not Kill”) virtuously play two women who could not be more different. Aitana Sánchez Gijón (“Heaven So Close”) plays Teresa, a mother without maternal instinct. Queer icon Rossy de Palma (“Torn Embraces”), Julieta Serrano (“Sorrow and Glory”) and Israel Elejalde (“One Against All”) shine in other roles.

“Parallel Mothers” opened last year’s Venice Film Festival, where Penélope Cruz won Best Actress for her outstanding performance. The film will finally open in theaters on March 3, 2022.


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