Our Gay Pride Sneakers

Adidas Ultra Boost “Pride”, 2017. Still on sale.

Our editorial office is full of gay sneakerheads. So, we decided to show you what sneakers we like from the last years pride collections.

Fashion can attempt to resolve, amplify, or rewrite conflicts between subcultural and dominant, experience and ideology, gender and sexuality, or ethnicity and nation.

“Pride is about being who you are loudly. There is space for everyone there. The rainbow isn’t our symbol, it’s the symbol of diversity. The gay community just loves diversity so much that we’ve used the rainbow for decades, and it’s been so closely associated with us that it’s been assigned to us.
But as saccharine and manipulative it is for a sneaker brand to use gay pride as a vehicle to sell sneakers, it adds to the voices of acceptance.” (Pete Forester, www.solecollector.com)


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