On queer tantra, ex-pats, and nude drawings with Frances Dupierry

We meet Frances Dupierry at The Hive, a Viennese gay bar, sitting at the end of a long table surrounded by people. The atmosphere is lively, with a mix of locals and ex-pats gathered around the table. We are amidst a MeetUp gathering, where individuals come together to make new friends and connections. It is particularly helpful for those who are new to the city and seeking a welcoming community. Frances has lived a life of experiences. She was an Anti-Apartheid activist in her home country South Africa, and became an active member of the feminist movement in Bremen after going into exile in Germany in the 1970s. She is deeply passionate about the practice of tantra, creates conceptual nudes, and is also known for organizing and facilitating engaging and thought-provoking meetings within the queer community.


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