Editorial: Why The Wire’s Omar Little is the most important queer character of the century

By Răzvan Ion

Omar Little, a character from the critically acclaimed television series The Wire, is considered one of the most important queer characters of the last 50 years. He is a complex and iconic character who defies stereotypes, both as a gay man and as a stickup man who outsmarts both gangs and the law. He is depicted as a strong and confident individual who is unapologetic about his sexuality, and his portrayal on the show challenges traditional representations of gay men in media. Additionally, his portrayal by actor Michael K. Williams is widely acclaimed, and his death on the show serves as a poignant commentary on the struggles faced by marginalized communities. Overall, Omar Little represents a significant step forward in the representation of queer characters on television.

The Wire, which ran from 2002 – 2008,  is considered the best TV series ever made unanimously by critics and the public. And for good reasons. After 20 years there is no TV show which can be compared to it.


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