“Nobody Loves Me”: the new melancholic and retro video of Chéri

The young singer Chéri continues his foray into the world of alternative pop with a brand new single bursting with feeling. In this ballad, he opens the doors to his tempestuous love life.

After recreating the Last Supper through a distinctly queer lens for the video for “Quiero Comerte”, Chéri reinvents himself in a whole new universe and under a new alias. For the needs of his track “Nobody Loves Me”, unveiled on Valentine’s Day, the young singer slips into the shoes of Pierrot La Lune, an emblematic character of childhood nursery rhymes, and tells the story of his love afflictions against a backdrop of melancholy melody… but with a glimmer of hope!


After the shadow, the light
The video for “Nobody Loves Me” is most metaphorical: the lyrics support the idea that one must be able to accept one’s own sadness in order to get better, and the clip shows the singer dancing to cope with the negative feelings that beset him. Proving that he is on all fronts, Chéri also directed the video alongside Sylvain Fougères. On the visual side, we can see the influence of Michel Gondry’s cinema, which notably signed the cult film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as well as the tragi-comic series Kidding.

“Today I’m fine and I think life is good,” says the openly queer artist in a Twitter post about the moving new single. It’s important to write about the dark and the sad too… To say that we get up. That one day we wake up and hold on to a little bit of beauty.” A positive moral for a song that makes your mouth water even more. Indeed, Chéri is establishing herself as one of the most promising French voices on the alternative pop scene. Hopefully, an EP is in the pipeline.

Article from www.tetu.com translated from french with deepl.com



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