Monthly Bulletin: GagaOOlala

GagaOOLala is a Taiwan-based streaming service which aims to bring together queer stories of all genres from around the world. As the first LGBT-focused media platform in Asia, GagaOOLala curates feature films, shorts, documentaries and series from the past few years, as well as producing its own original content. This month, GAY45 staff writer and editor Miruna Tiberiu watched some of its content as part of a brand-new film bulletin. Here are some of her recommendations! 

Sleep with Me (2022), Samantha Lee, Philippines

When wheelchair-bound Harry, a DJ who hosts the titular late-night radio show Sleep with Me, and Luna, a science textbook writer who has lost her sense of purpose in life, accidentally run into each other one night, they instantly feel a connection. We follow their budding romance, along with all the fate-driven coincidences that bring them together, and the obstacles that their very different lives bring to their relationship. The show comes with the typical sapphic quirks; awkward first kisses, and queer friendships and exes who magically appear when you least want them to. It also covers, in a nuanced way, discussions of both visible and invisible disability, as well as mental illness, all whilst maintaining a heart-warming, queer-affirming atmosphere. 

Watch Sleep with Me here.


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