Something to Listen To: Memories from the Dance Floor

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When London’s Heaven opened in the winter of 1979, it changed what we knew to be gay clubbing forever. Europe’s first super-club, Heaven has played a central role and had a major influence in the development of London’s LGBT+ scene for the last 44 years.

Memories from the Dance Floor is a docu-series celebrating LGBT+ venues and unravelling the forgotten history behind queer nightlife across the UK, as host, Damian Kerlin, dives into the 20th-century queer culture and the opening of iconic super clubs.

Damian is joined by founders, artists, promoters and patrons to unpack the expressions of queer identity after dark, colourfully told by the community that lived it.

Club-goers at Heaven, London, 1985 © Dave Swindells

Interviewees include Jeremy Norman, founder of Heaven, Ian Levine, Hi-NRG music producer and DJ, Amy Lame, London Night Czar and BBC 6 broadcaster and Jeremy Atherton Lin, author of Gay Bar: Why We Went Out as well as many more.

We find it a unique podcast because the history of LGBT+ music is so much more than a timeline of who came out when and which songs became gay anthems.

It’s about the artists who weren’t afraid to be themselves and their influence in eras when doing so often had personal and professional risks attached — eras when we didn’t even have the language to talk about gender and sexuality the way we do now.

Our gay clubs and spaces, along with our music, have added immeasurable worldwide historical and cultural value to popular music and queer spaces of the 20th and 21st centuries have played a crucial role in shaping the soundtracks of our lives.

Who knew this radical idea of how to spend a Saturday night would eventually evolve into modern clubbing and spread to every corner of the world? We did. And Damian Kerlin’s podcast memorises it so well. ♦︎

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