Manu Rios (“Elite”) to headline new gay series

Actor Manu Ríos, who plays Patrick in Elite season 4, will soon return to Spain as a gay teenager accused of murdering his own father in the series La Edad de la ira.

The Elite heartthrob, who thrilled many fans of the Netflix series when he landed in season 4 as Patrick, will soon be starring in a brand new Spanish drama. Even better, it will be for a new queer role! Manu Ríos will play the main character in La Edad de la ira (“The Age of Anger”), a TV adaptation of the eponymous novel by Nando López published in 2011. In four episodes, the project will deal with strong themes ranging from harassment to homophobia and the failings of the public education system.

Manu Ríos as Marcos, a gay teenager

Written by Juanma Ruiz Córdoba and Lucía Carballal, La Edad de la ira will show Manu Ríos as Marcos, an unremarkable high school student who, from one day to the next, finds himself accused of killing his own father. His classmates and teachers do not understand why he would commit such an act. The series will then try to show the months leading up to the murder and Marcos’ complicated family situation that no one suspected. But in the end, one question will remain: did he really kill his father? If not, who is the real culprit?

Despite this rather enigmatic pitch, the first trailer for La Edad de la ira gives more clues about the relationships between the characters. Marcos is said to be getting close to another openly gay student, which is not to the liking of his father, who is likely to be violent towards him. To get to the bottom of this story, Spanish audiences will be able to watch the series on the SVoD platform Atresplayer Premium from 27 February. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that a French channel or streaming service will quickly take over the broadcasting rights.

Elite aficionados can rest assured that his character, the handsome Patrick, will still be in the cast of the next seasons on Netflix. At the same time, the already queer series will continue to work towards greater LGBTQI+ visibility by including trans actor Ander Puig in the sixth round of episodes, not expected until 2023. Season 5 will arrive sometime in 2022.

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