“LAVENDER HAZE” CLIP : Taylor Swift in love with trans model Laith Ashley

In her new clip, “Lavender Haze“, Taylor Swift only aspires to live in the moment with her lover, played by model Laith Ashley. And a very nice point scored for trans representation!

Taylor Swift is living her best life. In her sensual new clip “Lavender Haze“, released  January 27 at midnight, the singer reveals a sweet story, as light as the mist, curled up in the muscular arms of her sublime lover, played by the actor and model Trans Laith Ashley Dela Cruz. And given the shape of the man, it’s not surprising that the star takes advantage of his insomnia to caress his sculptural back studded with stars…

Laith Ashley is still an activist

For Laith Ashley, participating in this clip is “a dream” coupled with a “symbol”. In an interview for Elle magazine, the young man evokes his youth marked by the lack of trans representations: “If there were any, they were often mocked, humiliated, ridiculed or put aside, which gave the impression that we weren’t supposed to be like this, that it was wrong, and so I had to hide. [This clip,] it’s a celebration of diversity, acceptance, and freedom. And we need to see more.”

What makes this collaboration so important is also that showing “a trans person in love on screen helps to humanize trans people”, he also pointed out to BuzzFeed News. And to add: ” We deserve to exist. We deserve to take our place in society. We will always exist independently of anti-trans propaganda.”




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