“Królowa” (Queen) is the New Polish Series About a Former Drag Queen, on Netflix

“Królowa” (“Queen”) follows a reputed Parisian tailor and former drag queen who returns to his hometown to fix his relationship with his daughter. But his return to his past would involve a lot more than making amends.

This four-part Polish series (in Polish and French, with subtitles, or dubbed) would be worth watching for the costumes and production design alone, but luckily, it’s also a lovely story, straightforward but refined, like luscious wrapping paper from a luxury store. Andrzej Seweryn stars as Sylwester, a Parisian tailor by day and a drag queen by night. When he receives a letter from the granddaughter he didn’t know he had about the ailing daughter he abandoned, he heads back to Poland to make things right.


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